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   Country Care Companions is closing and no longer accepting clients.

     Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve the community for many years!

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About Country Care Companions

The founder of Country Care Companions, Tina Hendryx, has over 20 years experience working with seniors and veterans.  Tina earned her degree in Long Term Health Care Administration at Texas State University and also holds certification as an Assisted Living Administator.   Prior to starting her home care businesses, Tina had a well established career as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. 

While working in the field, Tina recognized that many elderly nursing home patients had made the transition to full care before they really needed that level of support.  A primary reason was that basic home care services were not readily available in rural communities and their families were unable to provide this type of support.   

Through Country Care Companions, Tina has helped many families obtain much needed access to care for their loved ones.  The mission of Country Care Companions is to deliver exceptional care with integrity, so that clients can remain in the comfort and safety of their own homes with dignity, privacy and freedom over their own lives for as long as possible. 

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