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   Country Care Companions is closing and no longer accepting clients.

     Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve the community for many years!

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Why Country Care Companions?

Why Country Care Companions for your loved one's In-Home Non Medical care?

As we all grow older it is hard to imagine not being able to live and enjoy the comfort and security of living in our own home environment.  Most of us do not like the idea of being placed on a schedule and told when we must eat, bath or enjoy the companionship of family and friend visits.  In home Non-Medical care service is the fastest growing segment of healthcare for seniors and the disabled.

Country Care Companions understands that it is hard to bring someone into your loved one's home that they and you can trust to assist with their in home care needs.  We aspire to make the process of finding the right in-home care provider an absolutely positive process.  How we accomplish this is by placing you in control of the screening and hiring process.  Along with the complimentary in home evaluation assessment from our Client Assessment Specialist and the use of a Comprehensive Senior Assessment tool, a Care Plan is developed for each individual's in home needs.  

Once needs are determined, Country Care Companions will provide you with a pool of several qualified and experienced in home care provides to choose from.  You and your family also have complete control of scheduling needs.  

Our commitment at Country Care Companions is to ensure that you feel confident with the quality of services you will receive from our adult care providers.                    


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